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Table of Common Latin Names and pH Values - T - Y

Tarragon  Artemesia dracunculus 3.7-3.8
Thyme geraniol  Thymus vulgaris CTI  5.0-5.2 
Thyme linalol  Thymus vulgaris CT2  5.5-5.7 
Thyme thuyanol  Thymus vulgaris CT5  4.6-4.8 
Thyme thymol  Thymus vulgaris CT6  4.5-4.6
Tea Tree  Melaleuca alternifolia  3.9-4.1 
White sage  Salvia apiana  3.6 
Wild carrot seed  Dacus carota  3.8-4.0 
Wild ginger  Asrum canadense  5.4 
Winter savory   Satureja montana 4.1-4.2 


Witch hazel Hamamelis virginiana 4.0-4.2
Yarrow Achillea millefolium 3.6-3.9

The information provided in this section refers only to hydrosols. Never substitute essential oils for hydrosols They are much stronger, are not water soluble, and should not be used in the same manner as hydrosols.

Reference: Hydrosols: Suzanne Catty


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