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Hemorhoids are varicose veins of the rectum and can be internal or external

30 ml A.H.Yarrow
30 ml A.H cypress

30 ml A.H witch Hazel

10 ml A.H. German chamomile

Combine hydrosols; add 50 ml of blend to a sitz bath (2 litres) of hot water and 50 ml to sitz bath of cold water. Sit in the hot bath for one minute , then sit in the cold bath for 30 seconds. Alternate between the two baths, spending longer in each one with each repetition and increasing the temperature difference (making the hot bath hotter and the cold bath colder) each time. Repeat daily.

The same hydrosol combination can be used in a spray bottle and misted onto the rectum or used as a wet wipe after every bowel movement to cleanse and soothe the tissue.

A raw peeled garlic clove with one drop of mastic oil can be used as a suppository for hemorrhoids and is very effective in combination with sitz baths. Yoga and Kegel exercises will strengthen the pelvic muscles and may help resolve the problem. 

Reference: Hydrosols/suzanne Catty


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