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Citrus clementine (fe) Clementine Petitgrain- pH 4.3-4.4

Aroma and Taste

Quite close to the oil without the sharp, eau de cologne top note. Green, with a citrus bent, slightly wet, and clearly from a leaf.

The flavour undiluted is very soft but leaves an orange peel-like aftertaste in the mouth, and in fact fills the mouth with an intense citrus zest/leaf aroma.

Diluted, it is very delicious and highly aromatic, making it a wonderful beverage blending ingredient.

Stability and Shelf Life

Unstable, twelve to fourteen months maximum. Must be closely monitored; check pH monthly.

Properties and Applications

Extremely effective and a very, very powerful appetite stimulant .

The first time I drank this I was obsessed with food within an hour and had a stomach growling loudly I ccould have chewed off my arm!

The effect is most extraordinary, and even a very small amopunt diluted in water creates the desire to eat ...lots... right now!

It is being tested on people with eating disorders and the appetite loss associated with some drug therapies.

It has shown highly significant results wwwith cancer patients who suffer from drastic weight loss owing to a loss of appetite; in these cases even tiny amounts added to drinking water have achieved appetite increase sufficient to effect weight gain in a very short time.

Other than the feeding frenzy, the overall effect when clementine is used internally is calming without being sedative.

Topically it seems most appropriate for oily or combination skin, as it is slightly drying.

Other petitgrain hydrosols do exist, for example, bitter orange and lemon, but this is the only one I have had experience with in therapeutic use. 

Reference: Hydrosols: Suzanne Catty


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