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The Three-Week Internal Protocol - Hydrosols

In the three-week protocol, thirty milliliters (two tablespoons) of hydrosol dissolved in one litre of distilled water or spring water is to be consumed throughout the day. This is repeated daily for twenty-one days, then stopped for seven days. [one table spoon] of hydrosols, not thirty.]

This protocol is most useful when addressing specific health concerns and issues of a constitutional nature. For instance, lymphatic congestion that is causing swollen lymph nodes could be treated with a three-week protocol of bay laurel. If the swelling in the nodes disappears in the first few days, it is still worth continuing the treatment, as this helps create an environment in which the symptoms are less likely to reoccur.

However, if the nodes are still clear after the seven days off, you would know that you do not need to resume the treatment. A constitutional predisposition to asthma attacks in stressful conditions could also be treated with the three -week protocol. In this case we would aim not at dealing with the asthma but treating a stress response.

Hydrosols of lemon balm, saint John's wort, and neroli are a few options; they could be combined or used individually. If the body is less likely to become stressed, then the attacks are less likely to happen. This also helps break the learned stress response.


If a certain situation no longer stresses you during the three weeks you are consuming the hydrosol, it is less likely to stress you in the future. In this case the week off would determine whether another three-week cycle should be undertaken based on the reoccurrence of the asthma attacks.

Reference: Hydrosols: The New Aromatherapy: Suzanne Catty


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