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Citrus aurantium var. amara (flos) /Neroli Orange Blossom-pH3.8-4.5

Aroma and Taste

Sublime, floral, fruity, refreshing, sexy and luscious. One of the most complex-smelling hydrosols, and when it's great it is every bit as nice as the oil; in fact, some people prefer it to the oil.

Wear it as a perfume.The flavour is sweet and, again, both floral and fruity, with a hint of greeness. Undiluted, the flavour is almost too perfumed, overwhelming the senses;diluted, it is unbelievable and must be experienced. Delectable.

Stability and Shelf Life

Very stable; easily lasts two years or more, although the rather large variable in pH in samples tested has shown that the lower the starting pH, the longer it will last.

I kept one sample of 3.9 pH neroli for over three years without it growing a bloom or developing particulate matter, but htis is the exception rather than the rule.

Properties and Applications

Neroli is a major antistress and calming agent, and it is mildly sedative to the central nervous system without causing sleepiness.

It stops caffeine jitters and the effects of over indulgence rapidly, although the mechanism is undetermined.

This is the choice for hysterics in children, babies, and even adults and is a wonderful treatment for sudden shock.

it is also effective in children with hyperactivity attention deficit disorder (ADHD) and it can be used both topically and internally for this purpose. Give babies their own bottle to use as they feel the need.

Neroli is supportive for the physical and emotional bodies during detoxification programs and abstention or when quitting a habit or addiction like smoking.

It is a digestive aid, stimulating bile release and relieving heartburn and reflux.

It also seems to calm spasms in the digestive tract and valves and, in combination with basil water, has shown some promise for hiatal hernia.

Misted on the abdomen or applied to acupuncture digestion points, it relieves stress-related bloating, gas, cramps, and constipation.

Antispasmodic, antibacterial, and antifungal, it is good in a douche for leukorrhea or, thrush, especially when combined with thyme or oregano and rock rose.

Neroli is a wonderful treatment for delicate, sensitive skin and for oily skin, because it is so astringent

Avoid use on very dry skin or use only 20 per cent in combination with lavender, rose, and/or geranium.

A superb toner on its own or combined with rock rose, it clears acne and irritations.

Use it in a face masks with clay and honey for the ultimate in luxury.

Wear it as a natural perfume that won't aggravate the scent sensitive.

This is an affordable alternative to the pure essential oil, which is expensive and frequently adulterated or synthesized.

It is delicious in all sweets and beverages, with fruit, or in jams and preserves.

Reference: Hydrosols: Suzanne Catty


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