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What are Hydrosols-2

Hydrosols contain all of the plant in every drop, just like a hologram. Here we have the water-soluble components, the essential-oil molecules, the very fluid that was flowing through the plant cells when the plant was collected. It's all there in a matrix of water that is so much more than water, one of the most recognized holographic substances in healing.

Another way of looking at this is to think of hydrosols as fractals. Several years ago I presented a paper at the Third aromatherapy Conference of Therapeutic Uses of Essential Oils in San Franscisco. Another speaker , Dorothy L., Stevens, talked about fractals, and chaos theory in relation to health and healing. As she spoke I was transfixed by the implications of her subject.

"Nature is full of locally unpredictable, but holistically stable, non-linear systems. These dynamic processes produce non-Euclidean geometric shapes which are called fractal." what may appear to be a chaotic form  can be seen ,when viewed as a fractal, top have an order that is so complex and advanced that it is not necessary visible through normal observations. The human heart beat is an irregular rhythm, by analysed over a long period it will show the inherent patterns deep within this chaos.

The energy field over the chakras, when measured, will also display this chaos pattern. Nonlocal similarities are also evident in the body, where each system is doing its own thing, say cell metabolism, which will have locally different from the liver to the skin to the lungs  but holistically similar because together these organs make up the functioning of the whole body.

In fact, there is significant new research indicating that disease is often heralded by a move towards regularity, or periodicity. Severn states, "Indeed this de-complexification of systems with disease may be a defining feature of pathology. "Since synthetic compounds exhibit little or no fractal nature. it can be assumed that the complexity of essential oils is what allows them to work when these substances fall short. "It appears that some molecules , or more exactly, some systems of molecules , are capable of fine-tuning human subtle and energetic health, as well as the health of the physical body.

It seems reasonable to suppose that consciousness itself is a fractal process which may be enhanced by the use of fractal agents." Fractal and chaos theory have only become understandable through the incredible analytic capabilities of computers and the genius of the human imagination. Hydrosols, I believe, are also inherently fractal.

I first saw the Mandelbrot set, perhaps the most famous fractal images , in the mid-1980s, when chaos theory was influencing people such as Brian Eno and other ambient musicians of the time. With the aid of a computer, I could move in, around , and out of the kaleidoscopic images, following pattern and threads that unfolded from within themselves.

Hearing Severns speak, my mind flowed into the waters , seeing the same seemingly chaotic patterns, yet understanding that therein lay a much deeper order, far beyond my current understanding but integral to how the waters worked on the human body. The water has taken a new shape and form, carrying both the physical and vibrational image and dimensions of the plant and indeed the entire universe through the plant.

The Fractal patterns of the body naturally responded to these subtleties, adding them to and absorbing them into its own heathy chaos. I was elated.it is also worth talking about water here for a minute. I often joke that hydrosols are just water, as this is a refrain I have often heard since I began working with these substances five years ago. But they are not water, or perhaps more correctly, they are not just water. 

Hydrosols are amazing liquids with taste and smell and chemical makeup and therapeutic properties.They are not the same as herb teas or tinctures; they are not decoctions, macerations, or infusions, they are distillates, and they are a unique product as any of the others I have mentioned. But they are also water, and that fact gives them a range of applications more diverse than those of many other phyto-therapeutic substances. 

Reference::Hydrosols:Suzanne Catty


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