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Cedrus atlantical/Cedarwood/Atlas Cedar-pH 4.1- 4.2

Aroma & Taste

A light fragrance, dry, woody almost sawdustlike, with sweet overtones. Reminds one of a cold sauna or cedar closet, although these are usually made from the wood of North American Cedar(Thuja sp.), not the mountain or Mediterranean cedar( Cedrus sp.), Quite different from the pervasive aroma of the oil.

Stability and Shelf Life

The odor begins to diminish after eighteen months, but the properties seen to be consistent up to two years or more, depending on the source.

Properties and Applications

This hydrosol is primarly used for topical applications. I do not recommend it for internal use except for specific pathologies, as it is extremely diuretic.

Cedarwood is the first choice for hair care. It has been used successfully as a treatment for thinning hair, some type of hair loss, scalp itch, and dandruff and to add shine and lustre to dry, damaged or treated hair.

The french use it to soften and detangle hair as well as for dandruff.

Shampoos can be diluted by 50 percent with the hydrosol, and conditioners by 30 percent or more.

Cedar blends very well with rosemary CT cineole (for all hair colors) and both sage( for red and dark hair) and chamomile (for blond hair), although sage can easily overpower the cedar aroma.

This is also the hydrosol for animal fur. Its delicate aroma makes it well suited to use on cats to get rid of dander and help deter fleas, and it certainly makes them shiny and sweet smelling.

Use it in a spray bottle and add two or three drops of cedar oil for daily flea spray in summer and autumn.

Dogs seem to have a predilection for certain smells and cedar is one of them.

Some Skin conditions respond well to cedar, particularly weeping and crac ked skin, some types of psoriasis, peeling and sweaty feet, dermatitis, allergic rashes, chicken pox, cold sores and inflamed acne.

Usually compresses of the straight hydrosol , or strong dilution to 50 to 70 percent hydrosol and cool springwater, are the best option in treating skin. Cedarwood also combined well with yarrow hydrosol if intense itiching acompanies the condition.

This hydrosol is wonderful in the bath, especially cool summer baths when the humidity is high. I put it in a kiddie pool and both my dog and I emerge greatly refreshed. Try it in the sauna; it is safe to sprinkle it directly on the rocks and it will help release mucus and phlegm from the lungs, or use it in a foot soak for tired hot feet after you've been standing all day long.


Reference: Hydrosols/The Next Aromatherapy: Suzanne Catty


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