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Comptonia peregrinal/Sweet Fern- pH 3.8
Aroma and Taste

A mildly fruity, very green and dry herbal scent with an unusual undertone.

The taste undiluted is herby sweet, with a strong taste of bitter cherries, really yummy.

Diluted, the cherry fades and the herb moves forward.

All in all a truly delightful and delicious drink.

Stability and Shelf Life

Unknown, certainly lasts one year or more, and based on the pH and initial trials, probably two years or more.

Propertities and Applications

Moderately antibacterial and astringent; use undiluted as a mouthwash for toothache, sore gums, and cankers; it works amazingly well-even better when combined with immortelle.

Like bay laurel, sweet fern clears the lymphatic system, and I would choose this over bay for internal use in cases of malignant lymph nodes or tumors.

In cancer treatments, combine with sweet gale and use at 50 to 70 percent dilution topically as a compress,or internally take up to sixty millilitres per day diluted in water, in combination with any other treatments being used.

There are a number of reported cases of cows being cured of tumors after grazing on sweet fern. Of course. in cases of cancer, please do tell your doctor about any natural treatments you are using.

The plant is actually a subschrub, not a fern, and it shows up in areas of depleted soil that have been lying fallow some years, helping revitalize the soil with its nitrogen-fixing roots.

Historically it was used for poison ivy, which grows in similar locations and also as a topical compress to draw out boils and abcesses.

For poison ivy or poison oak, apply neat tea tree oil all over the area, then bind with cloths soaked in sweet fern hydrosol.

It is imperative not to scratch poison ivy or it will go systemic and affect the entire body, including mucus membranes, which is highly unpleasant.

Reference: Hydrosols: Suzanne Catty


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