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Cinnamomum zeylanicum (ec) Cinnamon Bark-pH3.3 - Cinnamomum zeylanicum (fe) Cinnamon Leaf-pH 3.9

Aroma and Taste

The leaf hydrosol is a candy sweet, yummy, just like the best cinnamon sweetie you ever tasted. The bark hydrosol has a deeper cinnamon scent, with that intense edge one finds in oil-candy for grown up.

The flavour is also more intense but not at all hot, just wonderful. Both hydrosols are powerful but quite delicious undiluted and retain their flavours well into microdilution.

Stability and Shelf Life
The leaf hydrosol seems very stable; I have a batch currently at two years with no sign of fading. The bark hydrosol is also stable and probably lasts eighteen to twenty-four months.

Properties and Applications
it took me three years to find cinammon water, and then I got both leaf and bark within six months. Drink them for sheer pleasure, add them to coffee for a wonderful touch, or combine cinammon pod hydrosol with hot water for aromatherapy chai.

The leaf has a strong affinity for the autonomic nervous system, balancing dramatic fluctuations and providing profound refief in states of extreme stress.

One client has been using it almost continuously for a year while dealing with a particularly nasty court case and claims it has given her clarity and the ability to cope unlike anything else.

The bark is quite stimulating to the mind and body, excellent when one is tired and concentration and focus are required, much better than coffee and delicious with coffee.

An amazing digestive, it relieves bloat and colic pains very quickly. The bark oil is famous for its ability to kill infections of the digestive tract without damaging the beneficial flora: it appears that the hydrosol has similar, if slightly less potent, effects and using the two in a synergy can achieve pretty remarkable results.

Combine cinammon with yarrow-yes, it overpowers yarrow's odor-to redress the balance of the entire digestive system, from appitite to elimination.

AVOID spraying directly on the face.

Reference: Hydrosols;Suzanne Catty


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