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Good Clean Fun - Hydrosols

I should ask one last thing here. Hydrosols are not only for health but also for pleasure. They can be played with, consumed, bathed in, washed with, poured in fountains, mixed with champagne, used on your pets, fed to your plants, and more. You can do whatever tickles your fancy with hydrosols, and you can afford to do it all.

Hydrosols are not expensive. Even organic, top quality hydrosols are reasonably priced, and they are virtually harmless. One mother I knoiw puts her two boys in the tub armed with plastic spray bottles of diluted lavender hydrosol, then she leaves them to it.

They have serious water fights and are graduating to hydrosol-filled water pistols! But it's just good clean fun, and they sleep like babies afterwards. She can rest assured that as long as one doesn't bonk the other with the sprayer, the hydrosols will never hurt them.

If you make your own hydrosols, therapeutic or not, you have a wonderful aromatic "goodie" to enrich your life in winter, summer, spring, or fall. Cook with them, in sweets and savories. Pour them into shampoos, creams, lotions, or any body-care product, just for the smell of it. Iron your clothes with hydrosols; the French do.

Spray your bed linens each night before retiring; pour some hydrosol in the rinse cycle of the washing machine or dishwasher. The sky is the limit here, and after all the talk of contimination, storage, and filtering, the bottom line is that hydrosols really are fun, easy, and safe to use. So get crazy, and let the living waters of distillation go with you.

Reference: Hydrosols: The Next Aromatherapy: Suzanne Katty


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