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Centaurea cyanus/Cornflower/Bachelor's Button-pH 4.7-5.0

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Centaurea cyanus/Cornflower/Bachelor's Button-pH 4.7-5.0

Aroma and Taste

An extremely delicate scent.

When the hydrosol is cold , the odour is almost undetectable; warm, it becomes vaguely floral.

The flavour undiluted is also delicate, a little green not particularly floral nor herbal, with a slightly bitter after taste but nothing unpleasant.

Diluted, the flavour almost disappears, and one smells more than tastes it.

Stability and Shelf Life

Unstable to moderately stable; shelf life twelve months.

Properties and Applications

Almost interchangable with sandalwood hydrosol in topical treatments of skin conditions.

One of only four hydrosols recommended as an eyewash (ther other three are Roman and German chamomile and green myrtle).

This probably has the widest application as an eyedrop substitute, and users who wear contact lenses say it works very well for them, although it should probably not be used while the lenses are in the eye.

Topically, use cornflower as a compress for tired, swollen, or itchy eyes or for the effects of pollution or long hours on the computer.

Renowned for its cosmetic applications and cool feeling on the skin, cornflower is used to tone crepey skin and firm delicate and mature skin of the decollete.

It is also wonderful for dry and devitalized skin and can be added to masks, lotions, creams, toners, and makeup removers or used on its own before the application of moisturizer.

Combine with rose geranium to combat very dry climates, on airplanes, or to give a dewy complexion.

Daily compresses on the eye area, particularly when combined with rock rose, will visibly diminish fine lines and tone the tissue.

Combine with witchazel or lavender for cleansing cuts and wounds and compressing bruises.

Cornflower is a good choice for diluting shampoos and conditioners or massaging into the scalp;it gives hair shine and highlights, and is less drying than chamomile for blond hair.

A general system tonic, cornflower was once used as a tea against the plague. Why, I don't know, except that plague victims probably tried everything.

Mildly diuretic and digestive, its bitter principals make it supportive to the liver and gently astringent.

On its own or in combination with juniper, cypress, or tea tree, it makes an effective douche for urinary tract infections and is gentle enough not to irritate sensitive tissue.

Internally and topically it can be used to reduce fever, particularly in infants, as its delicate odor is well tolerated.

Research indicates that it may contain phytohormones, and it is certainly worth trying for hot flashes, both topically and internally.


During first trimester of pregnancy because of potential presence of phytohormones.

Reference: The Next Aromatherapy- Suzanne Catty


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