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Asarum canadense/ Wild Ginger/Canadian Ginger

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Asarum canadense/ Wild Ginger/Canadian Ginger

pH 5.4

Aroma and Taste
The fragrance is incredibly mild, almost faint; there is no hotness to it, rather a sweet, not quite spicy note, with only the barest resemblance to real ginger. The taste is even milder , so mild I often double the dose if I drink it just for flavour, and the flavour is just gorgeous.

It is delicate, gentle, and closer to a flower than a root, neutral or perhaps on the cooling side instead of heating like the oil.

Stability and Shelf Life

Despite its pH, this hydrosol seems to have a long shelf life, eighteen months or more. I have one batch at two and one-half years that is still totally stable. 

Properties and Applications

Native Americans drank a tea of wild ginger for treating arrhythmia and heart pain. The cardiotonic properties of wild ginger are mentioned in several herbals, and I have found the hydrosol useful in calming and balancing people prone to anxiety attacks, type A personality, and illness-related to stress states.

The powdered root boiled into a tea was used as an antimicrobial by several First Nation tribes, and based on this I have also tried the hydrosol on respiratory infections with some success, taking one tablespoon undiluted every hour for as long as necessary in cases of bronchitis and severe chest colds.

One woman claimed it cleared up her chest in three days with no other remedies. 

Wild ginger also has traditional uses as a digestive and carminative, reducing gas and abdominal bloating, especially when caused by stress. Its effects on the nerves has also led to its use for neuralgia, sciatica, and headaches, including migraines.

It was used by the Pomo Indian women in California to balance the menstrual cycle and so may effect the endocrine as well as nervous systems.

Chinese medicine uses wild ginger to open the meridians and improve the movement of chi, and it can be used in vibrational healing for balancing energy, with good results.

I have consumed as much as three hundred milliliters of this hydrosol in one day and felt quite fantastic afterwards.

Highly energetic, this tiny plant with its barely belowground creeping rhizome, has been overharvested to extinction in may places. it is important, therefore, to buy only from sources that you are sure do not upset the balance of nature by unscrupulous wild-crafting. 

Reference; Hydrosols; The Next Aromatherapy: Suzanne Catty


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