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Boswellia carterii/FRANKINCENSE

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Boswellia carterii/FRANKINCENSE

pH 4.7- 4.9

Aroma and Taste
Extraordinary. The scent is sweeter than the oil but unmistakably frankincense. Slightly resinous, like the conifers can be, the odour is also a little warmer than the steam distilled oil, reminding me more of the CO2 extract.

The taste is quite bitter when undiluted but not unappealing. Diluted, it is divine and loses all bitterness, becoming soft, warm, and very dry.

Stability and Shelf Life
Unknown. Estimated at eighteen months.

Properties and Applications
Experimental. The first effect is of energetic expansion. Taking a drop or two undiluted gives the distinct sensation the the "energy body" is expanding outwards, rapidly, from the solar plexus.Try it before meditation, in ritual work, with crystals, or any form of energy healing.

The oil is known to deepen and expand breathing and open airways, and the hydrosol seems to retain that property and can dry up excess mucus in the lungs and help expel phlegm.

In "aromapuncture" treatments, one drop of frankincense on the lung points elicited a deep breathing that manifested an altered state almost on contact. Quite astounding and woth further exploration.

Internally frankincense is diuretic and very drying, and it should be explored for use in conditions where pus or discharge is present. It may be particularly beneficial in mout or gum infections as a gargle, perhaps combined with immortelle, as well as for infections of the reproductive and urinary systems, in combination with sandalwood or Cistus.

Topically frankincense is fantastic on the skin. Mist over the face and leave it to air dry and your skin will have a noticeably finer texture almost immediately.

Of great value where summer heat is combined with high humidity.

Frankincense can be used in face masks for an instant lift or combined with rock rose and others for daily wrinkle treatments.

Reference: Hydrosols: Suzanne Catty


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