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Artemesia vulgaris / Artemesia

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Artemesia vulgaris / Artemesia

PH 3.8-4.0

Aroma and Taste
The French variety of artemesia is quite different from the variety grown and distilled in North America. It is much softer in smell, decidedly herbal, but not too green. The taste is herbaceous, bitter, and astringent, very drying in the mouth when taken undiluted. In dilution, the flavour softens significantly and has a more warming feel.

Stability and Shelf Life
Moderately stable; lasts around eighteen months.

Properties and Applications
This is one of the hydrosols used by Nelly Grosjean, in conjunction with her frictions, for both the digestive and circulatory systems.

A circulatory system stimulant, artemisia seems to affect the capillaries and improves peripheral circulation. Artemesia can be used as part of a cleansing program to clean the blood, detoxify the liver, and improve overall digestion, especially in the spring or at the change of seasons.


t greatly aids anti-parasite treatments of all kinds, especially when combined with Roman Chamomile hydrosol and oregano, cinnamon bark, clove, and tarragon essential oils, which can be made into capsules with some bentonite clay.

Its bitter and astringent qualities make it beneficial to the renal system. Try an Aromatic Tincture of dandelion and artemesia hydrosol. 

I have found artemesia useful for respiratory complaints, particularly those of an allergic nature. it exhibits antihistamine, antitussive, anti-inflammatory, and mild expectorant effects, although I do recommend a patch test or internal test before using it on people with multiple sensitivities and asthma.

Internally, it is restorative for the reproductive system and can help rebalance the menstrual cycle when discontinuing oral contraceptives. 

Topically, it can be of benefit in a compress or bath for stiff, sore, or aching muscle caused by overexertion, especially when combined with black spruce and/ or Scotch pine.
Very energetic, it is useful in rituals, vibrational healing, and working with the elemental and spirit world.

Note: There are many varieties of artemesia and some are best avoided. Ensure the correct botanical name of the hydrosol you purchase. See also another Artemesia under tarragon (A. dracunculus).

Reference; Hydrosols; The Next Aromatherapy: Suzanne Catty 


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