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Angelica archangelica / Angelica Root - Hydrosols

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Angelica archangelica / Angelica Root - Hydrosols

pH 3.8

Aroma and Taste
Unusual. The first aromatic impression is reminiscent of dirty socks, but it is quickly followed by the dry, sweet, green, herbaceous scent of the plant and oil.
The flavour is slightly fruity, strong earthy but not earth-like, with a hint of green floral tones, a really lovely taste. Diluted it becomes quite mild and retains the fruity-floral edge. There is also a hydrosol from angelica seed.

Stability and Shelf Life
Unknow, but certainly twelve months or more.

Properties and Applications
Distinctly sedative, grounding, and calming the nerves and very useful for anxiety states or high stress.
A mild digestive, although not nearly as effective as the oil, perhaps the hydrosol lacks the bitter principals to the same degree.

It is warming to the system and can be used to increase appetite and tone the digestion.
Energetically, angelica is said to bridge heaven and earth, connect the seventh chakra to the first, and still have grounding effect. When dowsed with a pendulum, both the oil and the hydrosol exhibit a phenomenal energy field, and so intention of use becomes a contributing factor in its applications for vibrational healing.

Reference; Hydrosols; The Next Aromatherapy: Suzanne Catty


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