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Production and Transport

Following the desired parameters for producing and transporting hydrosols:

  • Sterile containers to receive the hydrosols at the still

  • Distillation or best-before date noted on each batch

  • Controlled temperature for storage at the source

  • Rapid shipping methods

  • Controlled temperature storage at the end

  • Filteration for particular matter

  • Inert storage containers

The first point of concern in maintaining the shelf life of hydrosols is where and how they are produced. Most stills producing therapeutic grade essential oils are not in pristine laboratories or modern factories. Stils are located in sheds, barns, open fields, forests, deserts, and so on.

Usually the deciding factor is the location of the water source, as distillation requires large quantities of water, both to produce steam and to cool it in the condenser.

Plant material, although bulky, is more easily transported to the site of the still than water.  

  • As we know, water, at least clean water, is a rare and valuable commodity. Not everyone has an ancient aquifer or pristine spring in his or her backyard.
  • Although distillers who produce certified organic products have their water sources tested as carefully and frequently as their plants and oils, some distillation is done with water that might not pass this exacting standard.
  • Now, although this is still a major concern, distillation purifies water, and even a non-potable water can be made safe if distilled; never the less, we want as pristine a source for our distillation water as possible.
  • So let's assume that we start with really clean water and that the distillate that runs off the still comes out in totally pure form, free of contamination, free of bacteria, and containing only those additives that it has gathered from plant material in the kettle.
  • Why, then, is there a problem?

Reference: Hydrosols-The Next Aromatherapy: Suzanne Catty

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